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The treat box was for my granddaughter who is Vegan/Gluten Free and in her words “Nanna I Love It”

Izzy Morrell
Loving this

So far I have found some new favourite allergy safe snacks from this box! This is such a great idea/product. Breastfeeding my second baby with allergies and I wish I knew about this 2.5 years ago with my first! Also some handy snacks for my toddler when we are out and about!

INNOVATIVE idea to cheer up children with food allergies

I want to say huge thank you to Sharon and her innovative idea of Charlie’s safe treat box!! We received our safe treat box as a special treat when my daughter (11yo) who has severe allergy to milk (and intolerance to egg) returned from her school camp feeling down and excluded from food and eating times because she couldn’t eat the food provided at camp.. we hadn’t found any safe prepacked snacks for her before the camp that she could take with her.. Charlie’s treat box cheered my daughter up instantly and she discovered a whole range of treats within the box that she could safely enjoy!! And there were some lovely color pencils to color in the box too!! The design of the box was so so beautiful and attractive whilst also calming at the same time because it had clear labelling stating that treats within were free from all allergens!! And every treat within the box had been cross checked with the manufacturer to ensure it was allergen free providing much needed reassurance to us allergy mums. Charlie’s safe treat box made a huge difference to my daughter’s anxiety and sadness around having to miss out on snacks. My daughter has since turned a new leaf and she has developed so much confidence just in knowing that she’s not alone and there are safe treats that she could also enjoy!! I had happy tears watching her munch through the bag of chips and sweets inside the box and we have found our go to snacks for all social events ! And the idea of epipen socks is just pure genius !! My daughter kept them on during our recent overseas trip!! And she was showing her socks off to everyone including the flight attendant!! My daughter went from being sad and down due to feeling different because of her allergy to being confident and empowered knowing that she was not alone! And she has become an advocate for allergy awareness at school! What a transformation !
Sharon and Charlie- your idea has truly been life changing for us.. from the bottom of our hearts a BIG THAnk you !! keep up the great work 🙂 we’ve spread the word at our school so hopefully you get flooded with many more customers !! ❤️❤️and we look forward to seeing smaller party pack boxes which we can order for our end of year graduation party !!

Janice Veltheer

About time someone come up with such a Fantastic idea,.Finally a box of Delicious treats, I can safely eat and may I say enjoy ( I'm Gluten free) Every treat in the box I truly enjoyed, 10/10 I have already passed the word around Charlie's Safe Treat Boxes are the best

Karren Sandercock
A wonderful range of safe treats

Our family enjoyed Charlie's Safe Treat Box, my son loved the variety and his favourite was the strawberry lollipops and they were so good. I would highly recommend this box, a great choice of snacks and the presentation was impressive.